Level 350® Brewing Company™      Pronounced ( three-five-zero) not Three Fifty comes from a flight level commonly used in commercial aviation. Once you fly above 18,000 feet the term feet transitions to Level so 35,000 feet is now Level 350. When we were coming up with our name our attorney did all the trademark searches for each name we choose and many times he said this name wont be approved so we kept looking. Level 350® Brewing was one of the names chosen on the list of many and cleared by the attorneys office so we let it simmer for a while. That same evening we did our trade mark searches I flew a trip and the first flight level given was FL 350 and that was it. I took a picture of the current altitude and sent it to David and said this is our name Level 350® Brewing Company™ When we set out on this journey Quality and Authenticity were immediately decided as the first two of our core values. Quality has become such a generic word in the brewing industry and in business in general. Everyone says our product is quality our beer is quality our food is quality. So when we set up our values we said what does Quality really mean to us because at Level 350® Brewing Company™ “We Don’t Just Brew Beer We Brew Bier”.™



It’s an understatement to say that craft bier has taken off in recent years here in the U.S.; but there is a lot more to this story. All over the world, there are bier styles and drinking traditions that yield unparalleled taste and experience. We’ve cruised at 35,000 feet—in our parlance, a “Level 350”—to the birthplace of bier, and many places besides. We’ve tasted the different styles of bier within cultures all over the globe. Through our bier you will journey to places you’ve always wanted to visit and through taste and smell you will be transported. We invite you to sit back, relax, and experience the Old World through the different styles and traditions acquired during our travels that we now bring to you.

Cheers, Prost, Proost, Na zdravi, Sláinte, Salute, Salud, Kanpai

Key Values:


There is NO compromise in the way our bier is made. We hire only the best people and use only the best ingredients and equipment, adhering to strict production processes overseen by our German brewmasters. We expect each and every bier to embody excellence, ensuring that Level 350 Brewing Company always equals Quality Without Compromise®.


Brewing bier is a tradition that dictates production methods, brewing equipment, ingredients, and even the social etiquette for their consumption. Our mission is to observe and reinforce these practices, so that your experience with our bier is as authentic, fresh and delicious as possible.


While making a living as an airline pilot, there is zero margin for error and using a ground based landing aid called ILS short for Instrument Landing System we use this to provide us trusted guidance to the runway in poor visibility conditions. We take the same approach with laser like focus to produce the best possible bier, using the finest ingredients available and cutting zero corners, so the bier that is in your glass is the finest representation of who Level 350® is and WHY we do what we do. “We don’t just make Beer We make Bier.”


Level 350® Brewing Company takes customer service to the next level. Excellence in Customer Service is something we have experienced on the worlds airlines and in the worlds great restaurants in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Asia and now bring this to you in our version of Excellence in Customer Service. Our partners in Distribution, bars, restaurants, hotels, airports and our very own brewery taproom and restaurant in the future will all experience this great level of customer service that we call the Level 350® Brewing Experience.