Quality is a word used very generically today. Business’s today say our products our quality our food is quality our beer is quality, but cannot define what the word means other than quality. At Level 350 (Three-Five-Zero) Brewing Co. There is NO compromise in the way our bier is made. We believe Quality is our people, service provided, German ingredients and brewing equipment, entertainment, food and  brewery design layout all while adhering to strict production processes overseen by our German Brewmaster and Head Brewer. We expect each and every bier to embody excellence, ensuring that Level 350 Brewing Company always equals Quality Without Compromise™.


Brewing bier is a tradition that dictates production methods, equipment, ingredients, and even the social etiquette for their consumption. Our mission is to observe and reinforce these practices, so that your experience with our bier is as authentic, fresh and delicious as possible while adhering to the Reinheitsgebot German Purity Law of 1516 adopted in Bavaria.



Grab our Brew Crew Gear from the comfort of your own Home using a computer, tablet or even your phone. From our signature T-Shirts, Hats, Remove Before Flight key chains and other Brew Crew gear there’s enough great gear to have you representing Level 350 Brewing Company in no time.

We thank you in advance for becoming part of the Level 350 Brewing Family through your purchase and support and look forward to talking with you out on the road.


Level 350 Brewing Company

Brian and David


WindsockTM IPA 7.0% abv

Windsock IPA™

Indian Pale Ale

Windsock IPA is our American version using only high quality ingredients where we blend an ALL centennial dry hopped, caramel malt IPA to an amazing balance, color and smell. Windsock is a conical tube as pictured on the front which resembles a sock. Windsocks give wind direction and speed to the pilots prior to takeoff and landing.

Look for our IPA in airports and airport hotel bars soon. Available on draught and cans beginning 2019 in NYC ,New Jersey and Virginia

“Knot just an ordinary Bier, but an Extraordinary Bier”

Windsock IPA™ an American IPA


VilshofenTM Pilsner 4.8% abv

Vilshofen Pils

German-style Pilsner

Vilshofen Pils is a German Style Pilsner. Using hops from Bavarian Hallertau region and our grains picked from German suppliers and water and yeast chosen to bring this quality brewed German style Pilsner its crisp and refreshing well balanced taste, color and smell. The name Vilshofen comes from the birth place of Josef Groll the father of pilsner, which was born Oct 5, 1842 using the first ever bottom fermentation process. Enjoy this labor of love Vilshofen Pils a German style Pilsner and see you soon at our Stammtisch table.